The Buttercream Aftermath

November 16th, 2009 by leigha

Tonight was Lesson 2 of my cake decorating class and I was able to use all of the *wonderful* buttercream that I made over the weekend.  I have to say, it really wasn’t overly horrible, I was VERY disorganized which made the whole thing kind of irritating and slow, but I guess I’ll get if figured out with enough practice.  Can I just tell you that piping stars is a L-O-N-G process.  Tons of little stars decorate my star cake.  For once though, I was not the one who flipped out the most–there was one girl that I really thing was about to burst into tears and go home within the first five minutes.  She had a bag/coupler/tip fiasco and couldn’t figure out how to fix it.  Poor girl–nothing worked for her, her buttercream was WAY too thick and she blew two bags.  Another girl had frosting that was so thin it was just dripping out of her bag she took it well though, and made us laugh to boot.  Tonight was fun though.  I like being able to go somewhere and do something “fun” after work.

So here’s the aftermath of the buttercream:

Flip Out Factor:  1  It wasn’t too bad, but my hand did start to cramp at the end of the first row.  I’m having some regrets about the smiley face inside the rainbow, but oh well, it’s on the cake and I can’t do anything about it now!


Secondary Aftermath:


Flip Out Factor:  5+  Six different colors of frosting, dirty couplers, dirty tips, dirty tupperware.  WHAT A MESS!

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  1. Concetta Johnson Says:

    I love the cake. That is quite a mess though. It will be better when you don’t have to travel with all of the goods. It looks like so much fun to chow down on though. Love you!

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