About the Blog

This past Friday I was talking to a colleague about a recipe I’d tried from a blogger whom I follow and turned her onto.  She joked around about me starting my own blog, which I promptly nervously laughed off.  What in the world would I blog about?  I don’t have “serious” cooking skills.  I like to cook–I can follow a recipe (most of the time), but I don’t have anything worth sharing with the world.

I came home that night and was talking to my fiance Jason about what my friend had suggested and he more or less egged me on.  So for two days I’ve been trying to think of a name for said blog.  I’d thought about “Scaredy Cook” since I’m terrified to try anything new because I’m afraid I’ll screw it up, but Jason convinced me that “Flipping out in the kitchen” was a much better idea.  It’s true, it’s exactly what I do–second guess myself and flip out.  It’s kind of comical really.

So this is my new project–to flip out (or try not to) in the kitchen, and share it with anyone who’ll read it.

For each recipe or kitchen related project I give a “Flip Out Factor” rating from 1-5.

1–So Easy Leigha Could Do It.

2–Slight Confusion, but nothing too bad.

3–HUH?!?  I’ve reread it and still don’t get it, so screw it we’re going to make it up.

4–Dear Lord, pray for this recipe.

5–Jason came in the kitchen to find Leigha crying on the floor.